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Rome Nightlife ItalyRome Nightlife - Depending on what you are in the mood for there is plenty to do in the evenings in Rome and you could spend hours at some of these places. For a great night out and the chance to meet some celebrities or politicians in the area go to Gilda’s. Everyone who is anyone goes there. It’s the place to be seen in Rome. If there are some younger people in your group you may wish to visit the La Pace del Cervello 2 because this is where the younger people congregate to party all night. The people dance to live music and drink and have a great time.

The Drunken Ship and The New Mississippi Jazz Club have music all night. These are nice places to go and have a few drinks and dance. After you have finished kicking your heels up you may wish to stop at either of these two places. Sant'Eustachio is great to stop into for a nice cup of quality coffee or tea or to try the ice cream wonder it is the Bar della Palma that you want to slide into a booth and get your favorite ice cream cone.

The Roman Cuisine comes from an era when people were unable to afford a meal made with a meat and instead they had to use the more affordable substitute called offal. Now the meals are like delicacies and you can find them at a lot of the restaurants in the area. Most of the restaurants in the area serve both traditional and ethnic foods so you can take your pick. Whatever you are in the mood for you can have. Enjoy all the many wonderful clubs and restaurants during your stay in the City of Rome. They’re everywhere and so many of them.

Via Mario de' Fiori, 97
Rome, 00187 Italy
+39 066784838
Gilda’s is where the celebrities go and some of the local politicians. This is the place to be when visiting Rome and where everyone wants to be seen. Anyone who is someone goes to Gilda’s. It is the hottest nightlife spot to visit. You’ll have to stop in and see who you see.

Via Libetta, 13
Rome, 00146 Italy
+39 065748277
The Goa is a disco and is the place to indulge your dancing pleasures come on in and have one heck of a good time. Lots of people from tourists to the locals enjoy the drink specials and the live music. The dance floor is a nice size and the atmosphere is unique.

La Pace del Cervello 2
Via San Giovanni in Laterano, 8
Rome, 00184 Italy
+39 067009871
La Pace del Cervello 2 is for the younger crowd with live shows on the weekends and it offers over 50 board games to choose from. As well as bottled beer there is quite a bit to pick from in draft choices. This is the welcome to Rome bar and it is always congenial.

Via Uffici del Vicario, 40
Rome, 00186 Italy
+39 066991243
Giolitti’s is a very popular nightspot to stop in and relax and have a drink. Some just like to come and watch the world go by. Lots of local politicians like to stop at this bar on their way to the Montecitorio Palace. It is a relaxed atmosphere set in very traditional surroundings.

Victoria House
Via di Gesù e Maria, 18
Rome, 00187 Italy
+39 063201698
The Victoria House is a nice cozy pub to relax and have a nice evening at. It is one of the best known and was the very first British Pub in the Rome area. It is known for its British dishes and many customer pick up the British newspaper and read it while they eat.

Piazza Sant'Eustachio, 82
Rome, 00187 Italy
+39 06 6861309
At Sant'Eustachio there is no end to the quality coffee and tea that is available here. In fact, for more than 60 years this is where the people in Rome come to get the best coffee. They have specialties, but offer a huge array of coffee choices for you to pick from.

Bar della Palma
Via della Maddalena, 20/23
Rome, 00186 Italy
+39 0668806752
Here at the Bar della Palma you can pick from all kinds of flavors of ice cream and let your taste buds savor it. In this cozy atmosphere you sit back and relax after a day of sightseeing or a late night at a club. It is so relaxing, not to mention delicious.

New Jazz Club
Borgo Angelico, 18a
Rome, 00193 Italy
+39 0668806348
Great food and live music is what you will have on the weekends are prime at this famous jazz club. A great place to go for the nightlife in Rome is the New Mississippi Jazz Club. There you can mingle with locales and tourists alike. Dance and enjoy the people and the music.

Vicolo del Fico, 3
Rome, 00186 Italy
+39 066879075
There is live music all week long at the Locale where great people and music meet. The music differs during the week, but the crowd is always lively and having a good time. Plenty of beer choices and mixed drinks make it a fun night out.

The Drunken Ship
Piazza Campo de Fiori, 20/21
Rome, 00186 Italy
+39 0668300535
The Drunken Ship is located in the heart of Rome and with a disco atmosphere it is a great place to meet a lot of the locals. There is a great selection of beer and mixed drinks to pick from and there is a lot of energy in the room.


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