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Rome Italy AttractionsRome Top 10 Attractions - Of course, if you have time to see more, please do. We suggest that you take a day to see the Basilica of San Pietro where people go to receive the Pope’s blessing. Millions of people come to see the Pope on Sundays and you should make every effort to go to. You must try to include in your sightseeing the Pantheon. It is the most spiritual structure in Rome. The only light source that comes into the building is through the dome at the top of the structure. Another attraction that should be on your list should be the Trastevere and the Trevi Fountain. The Trevi Fountain is so beautiful and offers a very scenic look.

If you can make it to see the Colloseum where the gladiators did combat it is well worth learning about also. When this structure was opened in 72 ad the city of Rome celebrated for 100 days. You will also want to see The Roman Forum, which was the center of economic, political and social life of the city. These attractions are quite exquisite in themselves and after taking a look through them you will be amazed.

There are a lot more sights in Rome and these are just a few of them. We have picked our choices for the Top 10 Rome Sightseeing Attractions and they are listed below, but if you can see more during the time that you are in Rome it would be well worth your time to do so.

San Pietro
Piazza San Pietro
Rome, 00193 Italy
+39 0669883462
San Pietro where people go to receive the Pope’s blessing, in the millions they came to San Pietro’s on Sunday’s at noon. Michelangelo's Pietà. Bramante, Pietro da Cortona and Canova are just a few that helped to design the San Pietro. The top of the dome is the best place to view.

Piazza della Rotonda
Rome, 00186 Italy
+39 0668300230
The Pantheon is a beautiful spiritual structure and a must see. Commissioned by Marcus Agrippa it was rebuilt by Hadrian, who wanted to add a dome to it. It was then turned into a church early 7th century by Pope Boniface IV. The only source of light in the building is from the dome.

Colosseum (The)
Piazza del Colosseo
Rome, 00184 Italy
Phone: +39 067004261
Colosseum (The) is where the gladiators did combat. You must see the site of the Colosseum. It has seating for 55,000 and was originally built for the horse racing circuit. When it was finished being built there was a 100-day celebration for its opening day. It opened in 72 ad.

Roman Forum
Largo Romolo e Remo
Rome, 00186 Italy
Phone: +39 066990110
The Roman Forum was the center of the economic, political and social life of the city. It includes the remains of the triumphal arch of Emperor Septimius Severus. Shakespeare's play after Julius Caesar's assassination, Mark Anthony spoke in this forum. Admission is free and there are tours of the area.

Piazza di Spagna
Piazza di Spagna
Rome, 00187 Italy
Piazza di Spagna is a theatrical square used for international meetings. It has a set of Spanish steps leading up to the entrance. One of the world’s most important fashion shows is held here. The square leads into the famous streets of the city of Rome and the exquisite boutiques and shops.

Fontana di Trevi
Piazza di Trevi
Rome, 00187 Italy
Visit the beautiful fountain Fontana di Trevi. A most beautiful fountain it is said that if you throw a coin into it over you shoulder then you shall return to the city over and over again.
Neptune supported by Tritons on either side statutes are in the center of the fountain.

Domus Aurea di Nerone
Via della Domus Aurea
(Cancello Colle Oppio)
Rome, 00184 Italy
+39 0685301755
This immense palace after having been restored for 15 years is an exquisite example of the intricate designing. The interior is covered in gemstones, gold and ivory and mother of pearl.
The ceilings have openings to create showers of flowers and perfume with ivory tiles and coating around the openings.

Rome, 00153 Italy
Originally built to be like a warehouse to store goods in it was then later changed into very desirable residential quarter. There are still some well-preserved medieval houses and on some of the walls of the buildings you an see the grafitti the soldier wrote while they were on guard for the emperor.

Campo de' Fiori
Piazza Campo de' Fiori
Rome, 00186 Italy
The woman loved by Pompey was what the Campo de’Fiori was named after. That was what the tradition likes to say. However, it was also the scene of many executions. One man in particular, Giordano Bruno and he was burned to death in 1600. There was a fountain dedicated to him also.

San Giovanni in Laterano
Piazza S. Giovanni in Laterano
Rome, 00184 Italy
+39 0606698643
This is the oldest church in the world. For the 1650 Jubilee, Borromini created the current appearance. There are colored marble niches and he put statutes of the apostles around the inside. In 1735, Alessandro Galilei added 15 more statutes to the church to make it look like what it does today.


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